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My Manifesto

Through the power of my transformational journey, I will continue to fully dedicate myself to healing and evolving my mind, body, and spirit so that i can serve you to my highest potential. I will continue to strive to be a healing presence during the provision of compassionate, holistic, and transformative care while fully embracing and incorporating my empathic and intuitive abilities. I hold a safe and sacred space for you because i truly believe you are a Divine Gift that i have the privilege to serve. I will be the illuminated hand that provides a sense of security when the fog and darkness surround you, and you feel stuck or lost in the transitional phases in life. i fully trust my intuition and i will deliver emotional honesty when it is necessary, as i am here to serve you powerfully and in integrity.  I will be the spark you need to ignite your transformation. I will inspire you to see your full potential, I will  empower you, i will assist you in harvesting your innate wisdom and power so that you can discover your purpose, and i will guide you to realize that you hold the key to self-transcendence. i recognize you as being completely whole, just as you are, and through that i will bring your power and potential to light. i commit to being a change agent in my own life, as well as yours, and will advocate for your higher self. 


Kimberly Duquette  

♥︎Intuitive Transformational Coach   
♥︎Multi-Dimensional Quantum Practitioner
♥︎Transformational Reiki Master Teacher 
♥︎Cannabis Nurse Consultant 
♥︎Teacher Assistant at Trinity Mystical Energy School

I discovered in the midst of nursing school my disenchantment with the current healthcare model, but I trusted that I was meant to become a nurse for a reason. After battling with an anxiety disorder as well as depression since a very young age, I was growing weary and couldn’t endure the inner battle any longer. My body couldn’t handle any medication. I am grateful for this experience because it led me to the path of getting down to the root issue and healing it. This is when I discovered Reiki and I knew it was what I needed after just one session.


This began the re-connection with myself and the deep spiritual connection I was yearning for. It helped me to truly understand and appreciate the passion to healing the mind, body, spirit, and soul.


As a nurse, the areas that brought me the most joy were working in the mental health-primarily with individuals struggling with substance use disorder, end of life care, dementia care, and with individuals with special needs – a population I worked with for 10 years before becoming a nurse. Ultimately, I am passionate about inspiring and empowering those who feel misunderstood and lost. It brings me joy to be able to provide healing and comfort to those who are in the midst of major transitions in their lives.


I am filled with gratitude and honored that I have aligned with a career where I have the ability to provide integrative care to you which allows me to bring inspiration, empowerment, mindset shifting, healing, and compassion to you in a powerful way. My transformative sessions utilize a transpersonal approach and caring consciousness while I guide you on a soulful journey through your transitional phases in life, assisting you to Transcendent Wellness.



Reiki Master




American International College

Multi-Dimensional Quantum Practitioner 

Trinity Mystical Energy School


Cannabis Nurse Consultant

Cannabis Nursing Solutions, LLC

Intuitive Transformational Coach

The Nurse Coach Collective 




Trinity Healing Sanctuary - Transformed to

Celestial Waves Healing Arts