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Soul deep support for heart centered women desiring to live and lead their most beautiful lives. 


How beautiful can it be? 

Boldly break-free, become balanced & BE. 


Embody an expanded, expressive & empowered self. 


Awaken, alchemize & align with aspirations. 


Unapologetically unravel your unwavering uniqueness. 


Triumphantly transmute, transform & transcend tribulations.


Integrate intuition and implement integral inspiration.


Fearlessly flourish in a faith filled foundation.


Uplevel and unify with the universe.


Luminously lead a liberated life of love.


About Me

As a Registered Nurse spanning hospice care, special needs to substance abuse, and battling years of crippling anxiety and depression myself, I found myself at a turning point in personal truth and wellness liberation.


My body was not welcoming medication, I was disenchanted with the healthcare system and equally defeated in my own wellness journey. Yet, as a highly sensitive and empath at heart, my intuition echoed the answer: true wellness begins within. 


The discovery of root cause, reiki and holistic healing became the answer to my prayers. Spiritual re-connection soon followed and the abundance has been both immeasurable and ongoing. My life has changed and my path is clear: My nursing journey is one of the soul.


I am here to help you heal, rediscover and ultimately transcend as your highest vibrational self. From one nurse to another, as one heart-worker to another, as one human to another:


May your rise begin.

"There is a Divine light within you that is waiting to be discovered. If you are willing to lean in
and surrender, the light will soon surface and your life will transform.
So let it rise, my love. You are worthy."

- Kimberly Duquette

Image by Laura Skinner

The                         Journey



For Nurses, Coaches, Spiritual Entrepeneurs & those desiring to embrace and deepen their spiritual healing journey. Sessions include mindset empowerment, inner child work, shadow work, energy healing & more.


A year long journey for Spiritual Women who are ready to ignite transformative healing within and becoming the ripple for others. An integrative and interactive virtual program combining 1:1 coaching, module program, training and a healing community. 


A 3 hour soul curated session spanning mindfulness, coaching, goal setting, energy healing & more. 


"I had been through counseling several times over the years when dealing with trauma, grief, and loss, but I knew it was time to peel another layer of my onion and dive deeper to excavate those old wounds that were keeping me bound to past hurts, self-defeating behaviors, and self-limiting beliefs. As a massage therapist, I'd been looking for someone to work with who would treat me holistically. Kimberly delivered in spades! Within the first two sessions she helped me get to the root of what was making me feel stuck, gave me solid advice (homework) about first steps, and helped me confront some deeply held beliefs that were holding me back."


"When I first met with Kimberly, I was at my breaking point of overwhelm and exhaustion. I have always been a control freak who was losing control of my life at home and at work. I literally cried within 10 minutes of talking to her in that first session. She made me so comfortable and that I could be open and share anything. I felt like I was safe to do this hard work with her. Her expertise as a nurse and energy healer truly makes the best coach. These are not skills just any health or life coach has. This is the first time in my whole life that I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  If you have a chance to work with Kimberly, just take the leap. You will most definitely be transformed!!!"


"The work I did utilizing Kimberly was to remove blocks I had dealing with getting my business up and running. The first session we addressed the blocks; did a meditation to get me out of my own way and actually verbalized (and recorded) the mission statement for my company which I had been struggling with. The healing she does at the end to instill what is for our best and highest good, and remove what it not. By the time of the next meeting in a week I had new clients contacting me. Since the beginning I have held myself accountable to continue the work. Thank you Kimberly for all your help."


Let's Connect

I look forward to connecting with you!

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