Healing, empowering and transforming the healthcare system one heart-worker at a time. Through unconventional coaching and soul-tailored sessions, we’ll heal hidden trauma, clear energetic chords, ground with earth’s gifts and shift your vibrational spectrum.

Transcendence flows from wellness within.

May you heal, may you clear,

and may your rise begin.



Imagine a healthcare system that heals rather than hardens, that grounds more than it aggravates, that empowers more than it controls. Where nurturing is the new numbing and ample time & space is allocated for each client - with their deepest needs heard and received with the utmost compassionate care.  And most of all, where its healers can harness their powers without jeopardizing their soul. May the heart-work of the healthcare system begin.


My promise to you

Everyone deserves the space to share and opportunity to heal. And even more, be received as exactly who they are, wherever they are in their life.

I promise you that, and so much more. 

Because you are worthy, stunningly beautiful, divine and

your abundance is awaiting.


A safe and sacred space.

Alignment breeds abundance. You will feel the shift.

The more you clear, the more you attract.

Wisdom over knowledge.

May your journey into Wellness begin.