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Through 1:1 coaching, spiritual entrepreneurship guidance and group based support, 

we’ll heal hidden trauma, ground with earth’s gifts and shift into transcendence.

Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Session

From Nurses, Spiritual Entrepreneurs to those desiring to embrace their spiritual journey; Everyone deserves a space to be seen and heard. Virtual or in person. 100% free.

*Option to add an Energy Healing to the session for a fee. 

The Ripple of Transformation

A year long journey for Spiritual Women who are ready to ignite transformative healing within and becoming the ripple for others. An integrative and interactive virtual program combining 1:1 coaching, module program, training and a healing community. 

Soul Retreat Session

A 3hr community based gathering for those who need a space to heal, reconnect to their intuition, and emerge with clarity on their soul's purpose. Includes 2 hours of coaching and 1 hour energy healing.

Independent Contracting

Now offering Independent Contracting at local Healthcare and Recovery Centers. Services include Transformational Coaching, Energy Healing & more.

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