Are you interested in learning Transformational Reiki? We would be honored to be your Transformational Guide and Teacher on this journey!


This unique class of Transformational Reiki is a wonderful way to assist you on your self-healing and transformational journey. Each level is taught separately. You may decide that you are comfortable with just doing level one, or you may want to complete them all! This is YOUR journey, YOU get to decide how far you wish to embark on it. Please note, this is a journey...some people require some time in between each level to allow everything to integrate while others are ready to go ALL IN! Whichever path you decide to choose is your very own unique journey. A discount will be provided if you sign up to embark on the full journey of Levels 1-4 at once.


Level 1 is solely for you. It will allow you to be attuned to the Transformational Reiki energy to fill yourself up, as well as every thing you touch...your food, water, plants, crystals, home, vehicle, etc.


Level 2 will teach you how to become a Transformational Reiki Practitioner. After completing this course, you will be able to give and send Reiki to others.


Level 3 is a Mastery level. Here you will learn additional tools to better assist you on your self-healing journey, as well as incorporating into your own practice of bringing healing to others.


Level 4 is the Master Teacher level. You have become a Transformational Reiki Master and now you are ready and wish to teach others and assist in leading them on their Transformational Reiki journey as well!